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Marlin Ribs
Marlin Ribs

Marlin RIBS

Marline RIBs provide a drier, superior ride quality due to our patented hull design and shape and size of tubes. Enhanced tube sizes provide more internal volume and safety, and heavier gauge tube materials, together with built in wear patches make for durability.

Stainless steel fuel tanks and marine grade fittings throughout backed by a 3-year hull warranty and 5 -year tube warranty ensure quality throughout. Internally our RIBs provide best in class internal storage and locker space whilst superior quality materials used in cushion manufacture resist UV ageing. All models are customizable to our client’s requirements including joystick docking for inboard models.


For further information please contact Marlin RIBs

Email: info@approvedboats.com

Tel: 023 8045 6544